October 18, 2015

ITIL training in Pune

ITILv3 Foundation

IT Infrastructure Library®

ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library®) is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management (ITSM). ITIL® is a public framework that describes good practices in IT Service Management. ITIL® was published between 1989 and 1995 by Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) in the UK on behalf of the Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) – now subsumed within the Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

ITIL® consists of five core books covering the Service Lifecycle, together with the Official Introduction. The five core books cover each stage of the service lifecycle from the initial definition and analysis of business requirements in Service Strategy and Service Design, through migration into the live environment within Service Transition, to live operation and improvement in Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

ITIL®: Overview and Benefits

ITIL® provides a framework of Good Practice guidance for IT Service Management. ITIL® has grown to become the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management. ITIL® advocates that IT services must be aligned to the needs of the business and underpin the core business processes. It provides guidance to organizations on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth.

ITIL® good practices are currently detailed within five core publications which provide a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT services, enabling organizations to deliver appropriate services and continually ensure they are meeting business goals and delivering benefits.

The five core guides map the entire ITIL® Service Lifecycle, beginning with the identification of customer needs and drivers of IT requirements, through to the design and implementation of the service into operation and finally, on to the monitoring and improvement phase of the service.

Adopting ITIL® can offer users a huge range of benefits that include:

Improved IT services
Reduced costs
Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
Improved productivity
Improved use of skills and experience
Improved delivery of third party service

ITIL® Users

ITIL® has been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide. ITIL® is also supported by quality services from a wide range of providers including examination institutes, accredited training providers and consultancies, software and tool vendors and well known service provides.

A comprehensive qualifications scheme offering a variety of training courses and certifications has been developed against the guidance. This scheme can help organizations to effectively implement ITIL®, achieving success by ensuring that employees have the relevant knowledge, skills and techniques, but most importantly, ensuring the entire organization is using a common language and are fully invested in the process.

ITIL® Best Practices also underpin the foundations of ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000), the International Service Management Standard for organizational certification and compliance. Organizations can therefore implement ITIL® to achieve organizational certification.

Our Offerings from ITIL® Qualification Scheme

The ITIL® qualifications scheme introduces a system that starts with the ITIL® Foundation for Service Management, and enables an individual to accumulate credits for ITIL® courses, leading to an award of the ITIL® Diploma in IT Service Management and ultimately an Advanced Service Management Professional Diploma.

ITIL® Foundation

The Foundation level focuses on knowledge and comprehension to provide a good grounding in the key concepts, terminology and processes of ITIL®. At this level, the qualification is achieved through a three-day course including a forty question, one-hour multiple choice examination. Foundation represents 2 credits towards the Diploma.

ITIL training in Pune

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